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Glynn Consulting Ltd
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Mobile 07704 863596

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Our Excel Services

  • Customised systems built from scratch

  • Troubleshooting and modernising your existing systems

  • No passwords - you keep control

  • Help provided...

    • on-site
    • remote assistance
    • phone
    • email

  • Everything explained - no smoke and mirrors

  • Ongoing support - we have been in business for a long time and have no intention of stopping anytime soon

  • We will happily work to a specification, but if we know a better way to solve a problem, we endeavour to enlighten you

If you are not sure about something, donít be afraid to ask. Contact us and we will offer advice and do our utmost to solve any problem you may have. We like a challenge!

The Easy Way

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"

So many people make life hard for themselves with Excel. We see lots of spreadsheets where the answer is not to develop complicated system, merely a simple layout change that will then allow all the built in features of Excel to do the work for you. This is where one to one training is so useful. Learning a few good habits will stop many problems from occurring in the first place.

Whatever the size of your problem, Glynn Consulting Ltd is happy to help. From providing clear and simple advice right through to creating large menu driven systems. If you suspect that there is a better way to do something then you are right, there is! Contact us and we can show you how.