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Glynn Consultng Ltd has enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects with all sizes of business. Working with big name companies right through to individuals just starting out, Glynn Consulting aims to give the same level of service to all its customers. Listed below are some of the projects that have made a difference...

Sara Lee

The brand 'Sara Lee' is synonymous with cakes, but the company also owns many other familiar brands such as Radox, Sanex, Douwe Egberts and Kiwi polish. Sara Lee needs to analyse how their products are selling at different price levels and in comparison to their rivals. Glynn Consulting Ltd has developed Excel based graphical reporting systems that highlight product performance. These systems allow the user to import industry standard data, and create a huge variety of flexible charts. These charts can automatically be built into PowerPoint presentations. Glynn Consulting Ltd continues to enjoy working with Sara Lee.

Ivery Consulting

Ivery Consulting is a one man band business that analyses and reports on survey data. Some of the reporting was outsourced to a company that individually processed the data and returned the results. This proved to be a costly and time consuming never ending cycle. Glynn Consulting Ltd created a flexible survey reporting system that allowed easy import of source data, and created elegant, macro-free stand alone reports that allowed recipients to filter the results. Glynn Consulting Ltd enjoys long term relationships with many of its customers, but always strives to create systems that customers can own and manage for themselves.

Estée Lauder

Initially, Glynn Consulting was brought in to create formatted Excel "price list" reports from within their Access Database system. As Glynn Consulting Ltd is happy to develop systems alongside their customers, it was noted that so many Excel features and shortcuts were used that they requested an Excel 'master-class' for their senior staff. Since that very successful training session, Glynn Consulting Ltd has regularly assisted with automating many of Estée Lauder's internal systems.

Raindrops Nursery

This day nursery was almost too successful. The administration of individual fees was proving to be "a nightmare". Glynn Consulting created an easy to use Excel based system that enabled the business owner to easily track outstanding fees, view summarised data and produce invoices. One of the joys of creating business systems is seeing the reaction of the people that were suffering with the old system. Another joy is when they make a particularly good cup of tea.

Hogg Robinson

Hogg Robinson was struggling to use an Access Database that became out of date due to company restructuring. It was suggested that initialyy Glynn Consulting would come if for a single day and see how much could be done. As it turned out, all the problems with the database were resolved, plus a few Excel tips thrown in for good measure. Since then Glynn Consulting has created several systems for Hogg Robinson including an Access Database that analyses travel transactions that run to over a million records a year.

Apex Trampoline Club

You don't have to be a big business to need a complex database. Each little trampoliner can be on a different tariff according to age, ability and family group. Each trainer has different availabilities, on different days of the week. All the scheduled sessions need to be invoice on a monthly basis together with any sundry costs. The database has proved to be a very robust system and Glynn Consulting was only called back twice. Once when their new printer made the margins on the reports slightly too wide and once when data was accidentally deleted. Fortunately the owner was smart and made regular back-ups, something we all should do!

Essex County Council

Glynn Consulting Ltd was approached to create a youth club entry system using photo IDs and bar codes. The aim was to automatically generate registers of attendance. On entry, if any club member is banned or in trouble, that the system immediately flags that there was is problem. Using a password protected system the individuals details can then be called up. The database has proved very useful. It was also fun to play with the web cam and barcode reader.


Raytheon are a multinational organisation with tens of thousands of employees. In the UK they mostly create military and civil electronic systems. Glynn Consulting Ltd was asked to create a serial number tracking system for the manufacture of IFF (Interrogator Friend or Foe) systems for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. Each IFF unit is made of various modules, which consist of various assemblies, which contain various sub assemblies. At any level, parts can be swapped between systems during manufacture and testing.  Tracking where each item is by serial number is a contractual obligation and the database has proved invaluable.

The above are just a sample of the projects and customers that Glynn Consulting Ltd has enjoyed working with. It would be all to simple to name-drop more famous companies that we have worked with, so here goes; Mars, BAA (Stansted), Hitachi, American Express, Marsh & Parsons, Tesco..