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Glynn Consulting Ltd
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What you need to know...

  • We can make Excel and Access do just about anything

  • We can fix and update your exsiting systems, and create new systems from scratch

  • We can automate your business and provide one to one training for key members of staff

  • We save you time and money

Your search for a Consultant is over...

Glynn Consulting Ltd is delighted to offer expertise in all of the Microsoft Office applications. With many years of experience working with all kinds of business, we can help you take full advantage of the huge potential within your Microsoft Office applications. Even a small and simple solution can save huge amounts of time and therefore, money. Automating processes allow staff to spend time more productively, analysing rather than crunching the numbers, talking to customers rather than data entry.

We also aim to take the mystery out of developing systems. We are happy sit beside you and talk you through every step of the process, giving you the skills to create your own solutions.

Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), we can design and develop macros to automate your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or create new formulas tailored to your business requirements. We can also write VBA code for Access databases, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. Our philosophy however, is to keep things simple, keeping the programming and the technical jargon to a minimum, and providing open and concise explanations for everything we do.

Based in Harlow, on the border between Hertfordshire and Essex, and within easy reach of London, Glynn Consulting Ltd is happy to visit clients throughout the region. Our clients are not limited to the Herts & Essex and London areas, we successfully provide worldwide assistance to clients via remote access, email, online meetings and telephone.

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